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Board of Health (BOH)

BOH Meeting Notice

The next Board of Health meeting is Wednesday, May 29, 2024 at 3:30 pm at the Lincoln Building, 110 Franklin St, 4th Floor Conference Room, Buffalo, NY 14202.  If you prefer to attend via Webex, please call (716) 858-7690 to register and for the pass code.

There will be a Public Hearing concerning an addition of a new Article to the Sanitary Code at 3:00 pm at the Lincoln Building, 4th Floor.  

Meeting Agenda

  • Review of minutes from March 19, 2024 meeting
  • Update from Jen Delaney of Environmental Health regarding Erie County Sanitary Code tobacco vaping and retail permits (part 2)  
  • Update on Food Policy Council from Public Health Fellow/FPC Coordinator Colette McDonald
  • Commissioner’s update
  • Old/New Business 

Meeting Minutes

March 2024

Previous years

Current Members

  • Robert Free, Board of Health President
  • Dolores Funke, Board of Health Secretary
  • Kathleen Dyson, MD, FAAP
  • Michael Merrill, M.D.
  • Maureen Montgomery, M.D.
  • Marilyn Tuberdyck
  • Howard Johnson, Erie County Legislature
  • Vacancy (City of Buffalo Representative)
  • Vacancy (City of Lackawanna Representative) 

Additional Information