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Epidemiology, Reportable Diseases & Data

Epidemiology/Disease Control Program Responsibilities 

  • Monitor the community for the presence of communicable (contagious) diseases.
  • Provide information on communicable diseases, including preventative measures, to healthcare providers, the public, and individuals exposed to these diseases.
  • Investigate outbreaks or unusual numbers of diseases and recommend ways to control them.
  • Investigate foodborne illnesses (illness from contaminated food or drink).
  • Follow-up on animal bites and provide information about the treatment and risk of rabies.
  • Help with the Community Health Assessment (CHA) & Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) which provides data used to identify community health priorities. 

Reportable Diseases & Forms

Reporting of communicable diseases is mandated under the NY State Sanitary Code (10NYCRR 2.10). Doctors have primary responsibility for reporting.  However, school nurses, laboratory directors, infection control workers, daycare center directors, healthcare facilities, state institutions and any other individuals or locations providing healthcare services, are also required to report communicable diseases.

Data & Statistics


Epidemiology/Disease Control Program
95 Franklin Street
Buffalo, NY 14202
Phone: (716) 858-7697 (Mon-Fri 8:30 am - 4:30 pm; For Emergencies after regular business hours, please call 716-961-7898) 
Fax: (716) 858-7964