Article 13 - Department of Mental Health - Charter

Section 1301. Department of Mental Health; Commissioner.
  1302. Powers and duties.
  1303. Advisory board.

Section 1301. Department of Mental Health; Commissioner. There shall be a Department of Mental Health, the head of which shall be the Commissioner of Mental Health. He or she shall be appointed by the County Executive subject to confirmation by the County Legislature. The Commissioner shall meet those qualifications fixed by the State Office of Mental Health and in existence at the time of his or her appointment.

Amended by Local Law No. 1-2017.
Amended by Local Law No. 2 1988.

Section 1302. Powers and duties. Except as otherwise provided in this Charter, the Commissioner of Mental Health shall have all the powers and perform all the duties conferred or imposed upon directors of mental health and/or community health boards by law. Within appropriations made available there for, the Commissioner shall perform all duties with respect to child mental health services. The Commissioner or his or her designee shall serve as the Director of Community Services prescribed by Mental Hygiene Law §41.09.  He or she shall perform such additional and related duties as the County Executive may prescribe.

Amended by Local Law No. 1-2017.
Amended by Local Law No. 2 1989.

Section 1303. Advisory board. The County Executive shall appoint a mental health advisory board which shall, at the request of the Commissioner, and may on its own initiative, advise on matters relating to an adequate program of mental health services in the County. The composition of such board in regard to the number of members and the professional, governmental or other representation, and the terms of such members, shall be as provided in the Mental Hygiene Law for the Community Mental Health Board.
Amended by Local Law No. 4 1967
1967 Local Laws of Cities, Counties, Towns and Villages.
Article 13 was formerly numbered Article XI-B.