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Litigation Division

The Civil Litigation Division prosecutes and defends all civil matters brought by or against the County (or its officers, employees or elected officials), including negligence, civil rights, discrimination, harassment, property recovery, article 78 proceedings, in rem proceedings, applications for poor person status, administrative hearings, arbitrations involving either the interpretation of various collective bargaining agreements or the discipline of employees, representation of the Erie County Board of Elections in all matters involving the interpretation and application of the New York State Election Law, and any other civil matter involving the County and its various departments and functions. The Civil Litigation Division also processes property damage claims brought against the County.  The Civil Litigation Division also institutes recovery claims to recover damage to the County’s property or interests caused by third parties.  The primary of the Civil Litigation Division is to effectively and vigorously represent the county in litigated civil matters, particularly those arising under the self-insurance program.