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Family Court Division

Attorneys in the Family Court Division appear on behalf of the County in Family Court proceedings involving juvenile delinquency and persons in need of supervision.  Duties relative to juvenile proceedings include:  assisting local police agencies regarding juvenile arrests, appearance ticketing, and review of supporting depositions and affidavits; drafting and filing of juvenile delinquency petitions; presentment of juvenile petitions before the Family Court; conducting pre-trial, trial and post-trial hearings; representation of victims, police agencies, parents and the Erie County Probation/Youth Services Department on juvenile petitions.  The attorneys in the Family Court Division are also key stakeholders and participants in the Juvenile Treatment Court.  Attorneys in the Department of Social Services implement the UIFSA.  The objectives of the Family Court Division are to prosecute juvenile delinquents/persons in need of supervision in Family Court.  Additionally, the goals of the Family Court Division are to utilize best practices in providing preventative services to at-risk youth while balancing the interests and safety of the community.

Juvenile Justice Questions:

Questions Concerning Probation Matters: