Article 16 - Department of Senior Services - Charter

Section 1601. Department of Senior Services; Commissioner.
  1602. Powers and duties.
  1603. Advisory board.

Section 1601. Department of Senior Services; Commissioner. There shall be a Department of Senior Services, the head of which shall be the Commissioner. The Commissioner of said department shall be appointed by and shall serve at the pleasure of the County Executive.

Amended by Local Law No. 1-2017.

Section 1602. Powers and duties. The Commissioner of the department shall:

  1. Act as a local administrative officer for planning and coordination of services for senior citizens in cooperation with the County Executive and the County Legislature;
  2. Serve as an advocate in order to make existing service systems more effective and accessible to senior citizens;
  3. Assess the future needs of senior citizens to insure the continuance of beneficial programs and to implement additional services according to need and demographics including handicapped and disabled senior citizens;
  4. Apply for such federal and state funds and grants as may be beneficial to senior citizen's programs;
  5. Function as a coordinator with the cities, towns and villages within the County for community based systems for senior citizens;
  6. Gather and disseminate information relating to the needs of the aging and inform the public through an awareness program of the services and facilities available to senior citizens;
  7. Initiate and monitor programs to preserve the safety of senior citizens with respect to transportation services and crime prevention;
  8. Perform such further duties as may be prescribed or directed by the County Executive or the County Legislature.

Section 1603. Advisory board. There shall be established an advisory board to the Department of Senior Services.
Added by Local Law No. 5 1979.
Article 16 was formerly numbered Article XI-E.