Article 29 - Renumbered Articles - Charter

Pursuant to Local Law No. 3-2006, the Clerk of the Erie County Legislature, with the approval of the County Attorney, has renumbered certain Articles of the Erie County Charter, as follows:

Article No.:
Article No.:
I 1 Erie County and its Government
II 2 Legislative Branch
III 3 Executive Branch
IV 4 Department of Finance
V 5 Department of Health
VI 6 Department of Law
-- 7 Department of Labor Relations
VII 8 Department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry
VIII 9 Department of Personnel
IX 10 Department of Environment and Planning
X 11 Department of Public Works
XI 12 Department of Social Welfare
XI-A (repealed) Department of Public Safety
XI-B 13 Department of Mental Health
XI-C 14 Department of Emergency Services
XI-D 15 Department of Central Police Services
XI-E 16 Department of Senior Services
XI-F (repealed) Department of Youth Services
XI-F 17 Office of Public Advocacy (previously Office for the Disabled, repealed)
XII 18 Comptroller
XIII 19 County Clerk
XIV 20 District Attorney
XV 21 Sheriff
XVI 22 Other County Boards, Offices, Institutions and Functions
XVI-A 22-A Erie County Environmental Management Council
XVI-B (repealed) Erie County Consumer Protection Committee
XVI-C (repealed) Erie County Citizens Committee on Rape and Sexual Assault
XVI-D (repealed) Art and Culture in Public Places Board
XVI-E 22-B Citizens Salary Review Commission
XVI-E (repealed) Erie County Commission on the Status of Women
XVI-F 22-C Erie County Community Coordinating Council on Children and Families
-- 23 Autonomous Institutions
XVII 24 Service Relationships with Local Municipalities
XVII-A (repealed) Narcotics Control
XVIII 25 Financial Procedures
XIX 26 General Provisions
XX 27 Application of Charter; When and How Operative and Effective
XXI 28 Sunset Provision
-- 29 Renumbered Articles
-- 30 Repealed Articles