Article 9 - Department of Personnel – Code



Department of personnel; commissioner.



Powers and duties.



Examinations; eligibility lists.



Administrative unit; information and aid.



Personnel roster.



Certification of payrolls.

Section 9.01 Department of personnel; commissioner.

The department of personnel shall be headed by a commissioner who shall be the personnel officer of the county.

Section 9.02 Powers and duties.

The commissioner of personnel shall, subject to the limitations thereon in section eight hundred two of article 8 of the county charter, have the powers and duties of a county civil service commissioner as provided in the civil service law. She or he shall have such other powers and duties as may be conferred or imposed upon her or him by the county executive.

Section 9.03 Examinations; eligibility lists.

The commissioner of personnel shall request the state civil service department to render its services in the preparation and rating of examinations and the establishment of eligibility lists for all positions under her or his jurisdiction.

Section 9.04 Administrative unit; information and aid.

It shall be the duty of the head of each administrative unit of the county to furnish the commissioner of personnel with such information and aid as such commissioner may deem necessary in the performance of her or his duties.

Section 9.05 Personnel roster.

The commissioner of personnel shall establish and maintain a roster of all county officers and employees. Such roster shall show for each county officer and employee the date of appointment, the title of the position, the rate of pay and rate changes, promotions, demotions, transfers, the time and cause of separations from county employment, and any other information the commissioner of personnel considers necessary for a proper personnel record.

Section 9.06 Certification of payrolls.

No payroll, estimate or account providing for the payment of wages or salaries shall be approved by the county comptroller unless it bears the certificate of the commissioner of personnel that the persons named therein have been, during the period specified, employed in their respective positions in accordance with law and rules made pursuant to law.