Aging Mastery Program

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The Aging Mastery Program Explained by Mr. Fitness

Richard goes over the many things you can learn from the Aging Mastery Program. This course goes over everything from exercise to financial health to nutrition.

Are you home practicing safe social distancing and looking something to AMP up your day? We have the perfect activity for you to try - the Aging Mastery Starter Kit!

The Starter Kit is a self guided program that combines education with engaging activities to inspire people to take actions to achieve autonomy, mastery, and purpose as they age.

Aging Mastery at Home Program Description

Julie explains the Starter Kit and its components.

The centerpiece of the Starter Kit is the Aging Mastery Playbook, a guide to the philosophy of Aging Mastery with practical tips for aging well across six dimensions: Gratitude and Mindfulness, Health and Well-Being, Finances and Future Planning, Connections and Community, Learning and Creativity, and Legacy and Purpose.

Aging Mastery at home

If you are interested in this exciting program or would like a kit sent to your home, please contact Julie Ruszala, Health and Wellness Coordinator, (716)858-6403

03/18/2022 - 9:14 am