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Did you know that 85% of all care to the frail and disabled is being provided by family and friends?

Caregivers often completely change their lifestyle to take care of those they love. Caregivers include senior citizens caring for relatives under the age of eighteen, as well as spouses, adult children, and/or friends.

When asked what would make the life of a caregiver easier, many reply "information" and "respite." This website offers an assortment of information on numerous topics.

TCARE® Personal Caregiver Survey

This survey is used to help you and the caregiver specialist get a better understanding of your situation to better define an individualized plan to meet your unique needs.

Click on the link, below, and take the short screener to get the initial measures of your well-being. A TCARE® Specialist will reach out to discuss the results.


To speak with someone about caregiving, call (716) 858-8526.

There are only four kinds of people in this world:
Those who have been caregivers,
Those who currently are caregivers,
Those who will be caregivers, and
Those who will need caregivers
Rosalynn Carter

Caregiver 101 Video


Some examples of caregivers:

  • A grandmother in her 70's who is the sole support for her 12 year old grandson
  • A husband concerned that his wife's driving is becoming erratic and unsafe
  • An elderly woman who can no longer bathe her disabled sister with whom she lives
  • A son in his 30's who finds out his mother's utilities are all being shut off
  • Neighbors who occasionally look in on a forgetful older woman living alone

Free Respite for Memory Impaired in Erie County