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About Us

The Erie County Department of Senior Services was created in 1971 and subsequently designated an Area Agency on Aging under Title III of the Older Americans Act. The primary responsibilities which the Department has under the Older Americans Act and New York State Community Services for the Elderly Programs focus on planning, advocacy, and coordination activities.

These responsibilities are:

  • To develop and implement a four-year plan of services which is responsive to the priority needs of older persons in Erie County. Services under this plan are delivered either directly by the Department or through community organizations under contract with the Department
  • To advocate on behalf of the needs of older persons by monitoring, evaluating, and commenting on policies, programs, and community actions which affect the elderly in Erie County
  • To represent the needs, interests, and concerns of older persons to public officials and others
  • To coordinate our planning and service activities with other agencies and organizations to promote the most efficient use of existing resources and to promote new and expanded benefits to the elderly


Senior Services is happy to explore and explain the implications of a growing senior population.  If you'd be interested in such a presentation, please call the Program Development and Evaluation unit at (716) 858-8544. 

2010 Census:

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