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Lesson #8: Evacuation Drill

Based on stories/lessons learned from your colleagues and co-workers

Now that the nicer weather is here, there's no excuse not to- - Hold a simple evacuation drill. Get everyone to your designated Rally Point, make sure everyone is accounted for, and send them back.

Get feedback from everybody! Use this drill to look for potential evacuation obstacles, special needs, and other concerns specific to your situation... Does everyone understand exactly where to meet? Alternate routes out? Communication means?

Plan for three different degrees of evacuation:

  • For a small fire or other "minor" emergency, be prepared to get everyone to a nearby rally point, such as in the parking lot or across the street.
  • For a larger event, such as a large gas leak or police action, select an appropriate space a few blocks away.
  • For a major disaster, be prepared to evacuate entirely out of your neighborhood.

This message brought to you by the Emergency Planning Committee to help you prepare