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Older Driver Concerns

Family, friends and caregivers are usually the first to realize when aging loved ones are driving unsafely or "at risk." They want to protect the driver, but often don’t know what to do about problems, or where to turn for help.

Alzheimer's Association "Dementia and Driving Resource Center"

AARP Driver Safety

ECMC Driver Evaluation: The driver evaluation program determines an individual’s ability to begin or resume driving, taking into consideration their physical, cognitive, or visual deficits. This evaluation consists of an in-vehicle and in-clinic evaluation performed by an occupational therapist. The therapist then makes recommendations for any adaptive driving equipment or training that may be necessary.

Driver Evaluation

DS-7 Form: The DS-7 form can be sent by any person who has seen the driver operate a vehicle in a manner that could make the driver a danger on the highway. The person who sends the report must include their name. The DS-7 report is available under the Freedom of Information Law (FOIL). However, the DMV does not disclose the name of the person who completed the DS-7. DMV does not take action on DS-7 reports that are not complete or that do not include the name and signature of the person who made the report. The DMV determines any actions to take and decides each case individually. The DMV does not accept re-evaluation requests by phone or by e-mail.

Older Drivers DMV

Other transportation options:

Going Places Van: A service to older adults (aged 60+) in Erie County, in collaboration with community partners, the Department of Senior Services offers the Going Places Transportation Program. The curb-to-curb van service is available to seniors who are unable to use conventional means of transportation. A suggested contribution is $3 per one-way trip or $6 per round-trip; wheelchair service is $8 per one-way trip or $16 per round-trip. Call (716) 858-RIDE or (716) 858-7433 - 8:30 am to 4:20 pm Monday through Friday.

Transportation List: A list of other transportation options through community centers, towns, etc.

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