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Caregiver Newsletter

Welcome to the Caregiver Community Connection Newsletter!

If you're an individual who helps a friend or loved one who is elderly, sick, or disabled with activities of daily living, then you are a caregiver. Care is provided to others in a variety of forms (physical, emotional, instrumental, etc.), and each kind of care tends to present its own set of mental, physical, and emotional challenges for the caregiver.

The Erie County Caregivers Coalition is a collective of local organizations and resources whose mission is to promote community awareness, sensitivity to, and action around caregiving issues. 

The Caregiver Community Connection Newsletter is your quarterly source for information created specifically for caregivers. Inside each issue you’ll find powerful tools, events and resources that provide a variety of support sources for both the caregiver and care receiver. Find peer support groups, training, outreach, stress management tools, activity ideas, and much more! Click below to view the Caregiver Community Connection Newsletter!