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Comprehensive Plan Updates



In accordance with Initiatives for a Smart Economy 2.0, Erie County’s Department of Environment and Plan­ning (“DEP”) is assisting municipalities with compre­hensive plan updates that are consistent with One Re­gion Forward principles. The updates are funded by federal Community Development Block Grant (“CDBG”) dollars and will assist thirteen local governments with updates to their comprehensive plans.

Comprehensive plans provide a framework for creating livable, healthy communities as well as resilient economies, social equity, and strong regional ties. Each compre­hensive plan will contain recommendations and imple­mentation plans for the development, preservation, and enhancement of residential, commercial, and industrial neighborhoods as well as public facilities and infra­structure.

See below for the status of towns and villages conducting Comprehensive Plan updates:




Evans & Angola

Grand Island


Lancaster, Villages of Lancaster & Depew (Lancaster side)

Newstead & Akron 

North Collins