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Policies and Procedures

* All Park Rules apply to all Parks, Camping Areas, and Forestry Lots. *


Memorial Policy

Commemorative Tree Policy

Tree Planting Policy


General Policies for Shelters & Campsites

  • You must have a reservation to use a park building, shelter, or campsite.
  • To check campsite or shelter availability, you may call 716.858.8355 or submit an electronic request.
  • Campsite fees are $25/night for non-electric sites, and $35/night for an electric site.
  • There is a 2 night minimum for weekend campsite reservations.
  • Minimum age for renting a campsite is 21 years of age.
  • Minimum of one (1) adult for every four (4) underage campers.
  • Generators are not permitted at any of our campsites.
  • Shelter and building reservation fees vary by structure. Check the Reservation Information page for detailed information.

General Policies for Special Events

  • Permits are required for any event in a park.
  • To inquire about holding an special event in a park(s) please complete the event permit application form.
  • Once you complete the form, your application will be reviewed and responded to accordingly.
  • Issuance of park permits are at the discretion of the Erie County Parks Department.
  • Certain activities may require a certificate of insurance be provided in order to be permitted. For more details please call 716.858.7037.
  • SOME events Erie County Parks have hosted include but are not limited to the list below:  
    • Recreational (seasonal & one-time events)
    • Cross-country & winter sports events
    • Fundraisers or any other type of use for the parks and/or facilities, please call 716.858.7037

Bounce houses, Tents, and/or Other Various Outdoor Recreational Equipment

  • Tents larger than 19' x 19' are prohibited. Tents do not increase shelter capacity.
  • Bounce houses and similar outdoor recreational equipment are prohibited.

Park Rules

  1. Park Hours:
    • Winter (Labor to Memorial Day): 7 am - Dusk
    • Summer (Memorial to Labor Day): 7am - 9pm
  2. Reserved shelters & buildings are accessible from 10 am - Park Close. Park staff will unlock the buildings at 10 am and re-lock them at the end of your rental. You may not occupy a rented shelter or building past the time of park close.
  3. Check-in for camping is 3 pm; check-out is at 11 am.
  4. Shelters are by reservations only. The quantity of people at shelter must not exceed the shelter limits. Tents do not increase shelter capacity.
  5. Reservations (shelter & camping) may be made by calling 716.858.8355 or by submitting an electronic request by clicking HERE.
  6. Reservation Fees are not transferable or refundable. All reservation fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. A fee will be assessed if a check is returned for nonsufficient funds.
  7. Preservation of Property:
    • Destruction or defacing of park property is prohibited.
    • Please remove signs at the end of your event.
    • Use of  spray paint (including water soluble), staples, nails, tape, and tacks is prohibited.
  8. Traffic and Parking:
    • Speed limit in all park areas is 15 mph.
    • NO parking more than 5 feet off roads or where prohibited by sign.
    • Driving off roadways is prohibited.
  9. Fires shall be allowed only in grills, camping facilities and fire circles provided for that purpose, or grill furnished by Park patrons. All fires shall be extinguished before leaving the site.
  10. Garbage and Refuse:
    • Littering and Dumping are prohibited.
    • Please use carry-in/carry-out principle and place all garbage in proper refuse containers.
  11. Dogs:
    • Dogs must be licensed and kept on leash no longer than 7 feet at ALL TIMES (this includes at your shelter or campsite).
    • Dogs are not allowed on county beaches.
  12. Alcoholic Beverages:
    • Beer and wine are allowed by reservation permit only.
    • Shelter permits allow for beer and wine only. No other alcoholic beverages are allowed in rentable shelters and buildings. Kegs are not allowed 
    • There is no alcohol allowed in the Chestnut Ridge Casino Meeting Room.
  13. All glass containers are prohibited.
  14. Unreasonably loud noise or music and disorderly conduct is prohibited.
  15. Bounce houses and other outdoor recreational equipment (dunk tanks, miniature golf, etc.) are prohibited. Tents larger than 19' x 19' are prohibited.
  16. Commercial Enterprises, Soliciting, and Large Events are prohibited without a permit issued by the Parks Commissioner or his duly appointed agent.
  17. Bicyclists: Must wear helmet at all times.
  18. Hunting and Trapping is prohibited in all County Park land.
    • Fishing shall be allowed only in season, with a license, and where posted.
  19. Firearms: Carrying or discharging of firearms is prohibited.
  20. ATVs and snowmobiles: 
    • Must be insured and registered and remain on designated trails only.
    • ATVs are allowed only in Chestnut Ridge Park in designated outlying trails, during snowmobile season. The ground must be frozen.
    • ATVs are defined by NYS motor vehicle laws. UTVs are prohibited.
  21. Horses and Riders:
    • Horses are prohibited except on designated trails at the following parks:
      • County Forestry Saw Mill/ Sugar Shack Area (Genesse Rd, Sardinia)
      • Sgt Mark A. Rademacher Memorial Park/Hunters Creek Park
      • Boston Forest.
  22. Mountain Biking:
    • Prohibited except on designated trails at the following parks:
      • Sprague Brook Park
      • Sgt. Mark A. Rademacher Memorial Park/Hunters Creek Park.
  23. Do not cut or destroy any trees or plant life. Do not disturb wildlife.
    • May be applied with sticky-tac only. 
    • Absolutely no tape, tacks, staples or nails can be used at any time. 
    • Nothing can be affixed to ceilings or fans. 
    • Tableclothes can not be stapled or tacked to table. 
    • Absolutely NO BALLOONS.
    • Any damage caused by using unauthorized items will be charged back to the permit holder.
  25. Any damage caused to rented facilities will be charged back to the permit holder.
  26. Parks are smoke free areas. Smoking or vaping is not allowed within the Parks.
  27. Metal detecting is not permitted.