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General Permit Information:

  • Insurance: If your permit request requires insurance, the certificate of insurance must be approved by the Erie County Department of Law before the permit may be issued. Please refer to the "Insurance Requirements" document below for more information.

  • Deadline: You must submit your permit request no less than four (4) weeks in advance. Issuance of park permits are at the discretion of the Erie County Parks Department.

  • ATV riding no longer requires a permit. ATV use is only allowed on approved trails at Chestnut Ridge Park during snowmobile season. The trails must be frozen in order to ride.

Special Event Permit Information:

  • Tents: Please call 858-7037 if you would like to use a large tent for your event. Tents larger than 19' x 19' are prohibited. Tents do not increase shelter capacity. Large tents require additional permitting.

  • Bounce houses, inflatables, dunk tanks and other outdoor recreational equipment are prohibited in any shelter, rentable building, or at any permitted special event.

  • Bandwagon (Stage) rental is available from April 16th - November 14th.


Bandwagon (Stage) Application | Bandwagon (Stage) Photos  Bandwagon is only available 4/16 - 11/14 

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