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AIDS Health Insurance Coverage

This is a Medicaid health insurance premium payment program for individuals who are HIV-positive, have private health insurance in force, have resources below the SSI level and income below 185% of the federal poverty level.

Additional AIDS/HIV Care Programs:

The New York State Department of Health's AIDS Institute also offers access to health care for New York State residents with HIV infection who are uninsured or underinsured. The participating programs include:

  • AIDS Drug Assistance Program [ADAP] pays for medications for the treatment of HIV/AIDS and opportunistic infections.
  • ADAP Plus [Primary Care] pays for primary care services at enrolled clinics, hospitals, laboratory providers and private doctor's offices.
  • HIV Home Care Program pays for home care services to chronically, medically dependent individuals as ordered by their doctor.

Helpful AIDS Links:

Benedict House

2211 Main Street

Buffalo, New York 14214-2648

[716] 834-4940

NYS Department of Health