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Akron Falls Park Capital Improvements

2012 - 2024 Capital Improvements:

Project Name Type of Work Completed Estimated Cost to Complete
Valley Bridge Replacement Poor condition, low bridge rating, and weight limit reductions. Replaced with an entirely brand new bridge structure. $653,371.00
Walkway to Falls Repairs Unsafe and conditions from the parking lot to Falls needed to be addressed. Missing railings installed, walkway surface patched and replaced. $9,339.00
Shelter #1 Roof The condition of the roof was terrible (holes), and lots of wood decking rotted underneath. New roof, and replaced all rotted wood decking. $17,674.00
Parkview Restroom Roof The roof was in poor shape and leaking in areas: replaced Roof and related carpentry. $10,442.00
Parking Lot and Roadway Improvements Drainage Inlets need to be replaced and lots/roads that need repairs. Four (4) DIs replaced Parkview CS Parking Lot, Road to shelter #3, and east driveway to Cummings Lodge. $29,314.00
Dam Sedimentation Study Dam and lake have become silted in and lower outlets on dam inoperable: consultant studying potential issues, potential remedies, and costs associated with the 2016 Capital Budget. $71,618.00
Waterfall access/safety-related issue Visitors being able to access the top of water-falls and related safety concerns. The vendor provided adequate fencing to match other restricted areas to limit access from the public. $4,300.00
Shelters 10, 11, 14, and 15 Improvements The roofs and concrete pads were in overall poor condition: replaced shelters 10,11,14 and 15 roofs and concrete pads. $128,279.00
Shelter 5 and 12 Roof, Valley Comfort Station Roof, Brooklyn Street Comfort Station, and Gas Shed Roof The age of the structures was in overall poor condition. The entire roof was replaced. $67,219.00
Cummings Lodge Chimney was in disrepair, the painting was needed, and the window trim was in disrepair. Chimney cap repaired, mortar work pointed up, window skirts added, building exterior painted. $48, 652.00
Brooklyn Street Bridge Replacement Poor condition, low bridge rating, and weight limit reductions. Replaced with an entirely brand-new bridge structure. $779,821.00
Falls Restroom Upgrade Toilets outdated and broken. New Sloan toilets installed. $1,401.00
Tennis Court Resurfacing Tennis courts were uneven and cracked—fence in disrepair. New fence installed. Tennis courts repaved and repainted. $50,400.00
Basketball Court Resurfacing Basketball court was uneven and cracked. The basketball court was repaved and repainted. $27,900.00
Waterfall Pedestrian Overlook Retaining Wall Wall in disrepair. Wall reconstructed. $71,425.00
Shelters 3,4,7,8, Restrooms, and Cummings Lodge Improvements Roofs were in poor condition. Metal roof replacements. $89,664.00
Falls Ice Rink Improvement Unlevel surface. Regraded the surface of the Ice Rink. $25,079.00
Culvert Replacement Replace two (2) culverts on the main road in disrepair. $200,000.00
Waterfall Fencing To limit and the secure area leading to the waterfall. $19,845.00
Roadway Improvements Paving Parkview Road and Brooklyn Loop $300,000.00
Rock Garden Improvement Rock Garden Shelter Rehabilitation $42,167.00