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Chestnut Ridge Park Capital Improvements

2012 - 2024 Capital Improvements:

Project Name Type of Work Completed Estimated Cost to Complete
Tennis Courts Resurfaced Four (4) courts in poor shape. The surface has cracks, voids, and hardware unusable. All four (4) courts were repaired, resurfaced, and painted. New hardware, nets, and posts included. $128,080.00
Parking Lot & Roadway Improvements - Phase 1 Maintenance shop parking lot in poor condition with cracks, broken (sunken) drains, and voids. Three (3) Parking lots and 2 miles of roadway within CRP were repaired (Paved/Oil & Chipping) and two (2) drains replaced. $185,706.00
Storage Building Roof leaking all around skylights and in overall poor condition. New roof, replace rotted wood decking, remove skylights, and reconnected/improved electrical feed. $17,341.00  
Mechanic Shop - Phase 1 Both of the buildings (attached) needed roofs replaced. Water leaks and rotted wood. Replacing with Metal Roof and any necessary replacement of rotted wood decking and fascia as needed. $102,241.00
Parking Lot/Electrical and Accessibility Improvements Safety and direction of visitors, low light conditions, and electrical upgrades needed. Formalized Parking Lot, upgrades, and improvements to accessibility/lighting/electrical service. New concrete sidewalks and blacktop around Casino. $586,949.00
Guiderail Installation All three (3) entrances/ exits from Rt. 277 in poor shape and needed to be upgraded. Removed old concrete posts and replaced entrances/exits with guide rail that meets code, is not damaged, and looks better.  $26,212.00
Parking Lot & Roadway Improvements-Phase 2 Continued improvements to various roadways within the park that are in poor condition. Construction Road, Fire Tower Loop, Shelter #2, and Commissioners Cabin Road. $62,266.00
Lower End Shelter/Parking Lot Rehabilitation Lower-end shelters need repairs (including parking lots and concrete pads). Shelters #25, #27, #27a, #28a, #29a, all received new roofs, some roof trusses/concrete pads/improved parking areas. $93,712.00
Lower End Work-Phase 2 Shelter #37B renovations needed. Strip and replace the roof, replace all rotted wood, paint new stone driveway/parking area. $10,310.00
Martin Lodge Outdated, doors no longer working properly, and masonry repairs. Poured a new floor, replaced doors, upgraded restroom fixtures, and repaired damaged block/masonry areas. $65,365.00
Additional Tennis Court Resurfacing Additional eight (8) courts in poor shape. The surface has cracks, voids, and hardware unusable. All eight (8) courts were repaired, resurfaced, and painted. New hardware, nets, and posts included $260,000.00
Mechanic Shop-Phase 2 Damaged/ rotted siding inefficient windows, and doors. Siding, doors, overhead doors boxed in, new windows, etc. $106,000.00
Casino Doors Doors no longer working properly. Doors replaced. $13,141.00
Restroom #28/Shelter #4 New Roof, access improved, rotted, site work, wood, and new concrete pad/ floor. A new concrete pad was poured at Shelter #4, a new roof on Restroom #28, replaced rotted fascia, and opened up public access. $25,234.00
Roadway & Parking Lot Improvements  Several locations throughout the park needed repairs/ resurfacing. A few areas were able to be completed before the weather shut down for the rest of 2014. Estimate work was part of HWY's bid. $220,000.00
Parking Lot & Roadway Improvements - Phase 2 Continue efforts to improve areas within the park that are in poor condition/ shape. Culvert was replaced in the lower end of the park. Parking area at Shelter 8 and a roadway to the restroom, oil/chipped. $248,066.00
Storage Building Some rot, roof, and skylight windows in poor condition. New roof, fixed rot, removed skylight windows $74,024.00
Restroom #9 Updates needed. Complete refurbishment of the restroom facilities. $9,288.00
Martin Lodge The lodge floor was cracked and unsafe, with fascia rotting. New floor installed, rot repair $10,000.00
Shelters 8 & 18 Shelter condition so poor it cannot be rented until improvements are completed. New roof, parking area, and trusses installed, new concrete pad poured. Shelter 18 completely re-built. $156,391.00
Shelter 23 Reconstruction WPA- era shelter with conditions so poor it cannot be rented until improvements are completed. Shelter 23 is completely re-built. $99,990.00
Eternal Flame Parking Area The fence around the parking lot was in disrepair. New fencing installed. $12,445.00
Maintenance Shop Roof   Age and overall poor condition. The roof was completely torn off and replaced. $150,000.00
Restroom #8 Updates needed-complete renovation, including ADA accessible stalls. $35,521.00
Casino Fire Alarm Upgrade The current fire alarm system outdated and inadequate. New fire alarm system installed. $17,928.00
Shelter 21  Roof in disrepair. Roof replaced. $3,512.00
Shelter 12/13 Restroom Inadequate Plumbing. New toilets, plumbing fixtures, and piping installed $2,974.00
Concession Stand Renovations Upgrades needed. New tile floor and countertops installed, painted, wall repair, plumbing, and electrical upgrades $41,928.00
Tow Rope Installation Furnished installation of Ski Tow Rope. $115,652.00
New Water Main RPZ Installed for the Upper End of the Park Installed new water main on the upper end. $11,685.00
WPA Culvert Wing Walls Installation of four (4) WPA stone wing walls. $156,000.00
Casino Masonry Improvements Various stones and improvements to the casino. Funding provided by CRC $20,000.00
Tennis Court Lighting Providing lighting to the upper four (4) courts. Funding provided by CRC. $25,000.00
Casino Restroom Renovations Improve accessibility to the Casino. Major renovation to the restroom facilities in the Casino. $445,000.00
Casino Overhead Door Replaced with a new overhead door. $8,891.00
WPA Restrooms Complete renovation of mostly WPA Era Restrooms #1, #2, #4, #5, #7, #8, #10, #11. $1,203,330.00
Playground For All CRC, Donor, and EC Funds for the project. First all-inclusive playground in the system. Sensory walkways, design drawings, site work, amenities, and plantings. $800,000.00
Martin Building Renovations Major renovations due to structure concerning roof, floor, door, rafters, etc. $109,438.00
Energy Performance Contract Energy efficient measures including windows, doors, HVAC (Boiler), and building envelope improvements at Mechanics Shop, Casino, Maintenance Building. $183,576.00
Shelter Removals Remove unsafe/underutilized NON-WPA structures. $25,000.00
Ward Road Bridge Replace bridge due to age, condition, and red flags. $460,000.00
Casino Parking Lot & Roadway Improvements Main Casino parking lot and roadway improvements. $1,600,000.00
Shelter #1 Rehabilitation In-house Capital Project to repair and frame in this structure so as to store the groomer at the bottom of the sled hill. $44,000.00
Casino Restroom Casino Restroom Rehabilitation Project. $445,000.00
Park Gate Project Replaced existing gates throughout the park. $38,000.00 
Tennis Courts Resurfacing Resurfacing of twelve (12) tennis courts. $78,860.00
Wingwall Rehabilitation Restore culvert and wingwalls near Deputy Commissioners Cabin. $375,000.00
Shelter Roof Replacements Shelters 5 & 6 roof replacements. $26,000.00
Casino Chimney Repairs Repair leaks in lower end chimney. $39,980.00
MacKinnon Renovations New roof and door replacements, etc. $178,885.00