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Como Lake Park Capital Improvements

2012 - 2024 Capital Improvements:

Project Name Type of Work Completed Estimated Cost to Complete
Carpentry Shop Roof in poor condition, leaking, and significant damage/ rot. Roof replaced, replaced rotted wood decking, rafter tails, vinyl soffit, and metal flashing. $32,540.00
Bowen Grove Roof in poor condition and leaking in areas, plumbing, lighting, and painting needed. The entire roof was replaced, including the rotted roof decking. Siding installed on gable ends, new lights, amenities, and painted. $69,790.00
Parking Lot & Roadway Improvements-Phase 1 Several parking lots and miles of roadway were in terrible condition. Prioritized worst areas to patch/resurface and oil & chip (Lancaster Place parking lot, maintenance lot, and roadway throughout). $85,000.00 (Estimate- work done as part of  HWYs bid)
Rich Marino Gazebo Stabilization Potential safety issues detected and documented by consultant-structural. As per recommendation by a consultant, repaired/improved structure. $32,628.00
Rich Marino Gazebo Roof Age and overall poor condition. Roof replaced while "Out of Service". $44,149.00
Cook Shelter Roof Age and overall poor condition. Roof replaced while gazebo "out of service". $5,554.00
Shelter #1 Roof Age, leaking and rotted wood decking. New Roof and sections of a rotted wood deck. $15,081.00  
Stabilization of Shelter #4 and #14  Consultant discovered potential safety issues with both structures. Currently making necessary repairs as per recommendation from consultant. $15,041.00
Casino Doors/Windows Very old and non-efficient windows, and doors needed replacement. Replaced all windows and doors as needed. $39,222.00
Lancaster Place Age and condition of the roof, old non-efficient windows, various carpentry work. Replaced roof, carpentry work, windows replaced, and painting. $31,126.00
Parking Lot & Roadway Improvements-Phase 2 Continue efforts to improve areas within the park that are in poor condition/ shape. Replaced DI at Bowen Grove, and paved several roads within the park and employee parking area. $93,953.00
Dam Sedimentation Study Dam and lake have become silted in. Consultant studying potential issues, potential remedies, and costs associated with to include in 2016 Capital Budget. $71,618.00
Dam Safety Concern Top of dam open to the public and possible safety concern. The vendor provided a fence/gate to block off the public from accessing the top of the dam wall, but allowing to maintain (gate). $1,450.00
Pedestrian Bridge Fence along the bridge in disrepair. Fence replaced $3,525.00
Shelters 9, 29, 36, 38, 56, 58 and "E" Restroom Renovations Roof in poor shape, concrete pad cracked and uneven, siding in disrepair. The restroom also had shattered windows, peeling paint, and rotted ceilings. New roof installed, new concrete pad poured, new hardy board siding installed. Shelter 9 had 2 pillars and 2 interior posts installed to strengthen roof support and a new plywood drop ceiling. Restroom had new glass block windows installed, ceiling replacement and interior painting. $134,920.00
Park Road Guiderails Vehicles were going off the road at the curve. New guide rail installed along main park road curve $10,771.00
Sled Hill Upgrades No lighting. Fence in disrepair. Fence replaced, lights installed $17,329.00
Maintenance Shop Upgrades Garage doors were broken and in overall poor condition. The heat not working. New garage doors and drop-down Reznor heating units were installed. $11,562.00
Shelters 4, 5, 12, 13, 14, 17, 18, 19, 20, 32, 33, 49, 50, Gazebo Restroom, "B" Restroom Roofs Age and overall poor condition. New roof and face boards installed. Shelter 20 also had pillars repaired. $71,656.00
Multi-Generational Exercise Recreation Area Installed in the park for all generations to exercise together in one area. Installed multi-generational exercise equipment. $115,796.00
Basketball Court Resurfacing Basketball court was uneven and cracked. Paved and repainted the basketball court. $39,400.00
Tennis Court Resurfacing Tennis courts were uneven and cracked. Tennis courts repaved and repainted. $26,290.00
Parking Lot & Roadway Improvements- Phase 2 Sections of the Casino parking lot and park roadway were in terrible condition. Prioritized worst areas to patch/ resurface. $85,000.00
Casino Restroom Plumbing Upgrade Plumbing needed to be updated. New toilets and flush valves installed. $1,783.00
Shelter #54 Rebuild Age and overall poor condition. Complete Demo/ Rebuild. $52,859.00
Casino Renovations New roof, siding, WPA stonework and upgrades. $218,061.00
Lighthouse Renovations New dome, WPA stonework, access improvements. $160,084.00
Bowen Grove Shelter Improvements New metal roof and siding. $68,386.00
Como Lake Dog Park Fence, site work, drainage, amenities, concrete and shade, structure, parking lot. $210,000.00
"C" Restroom "C" Restroom Rehabilitation $170,004.00
Como Lake Dog Park Como Lake Dog Park Shade Structure including, site work, drainage, amenities, and concrete. $150,000.00
Court Resurfacing Resurfacing six (6) Tennis/Pickleball courts.  $69,000.00
Shelter Renovations Renovated Shelters #1,2,15,16,21,22,37,55, Gazebo Restroom and "A" Restroom near the dog park. $115,000.00
Parking Lot & Roadway Improvements Paving various parking lots and roadways. $300,020.00