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Ellicott Creek Park Capital Improvements

2012 - 2024 Capital Improvements:

Project Name Type of Work Completed Estimated Cost to Complete
Fisherman’s Restroom Closed down the previous two years due to extensive repairs required. The main water line was repaired, electrical upgrades/repairs, drainage work, new siding, and general carpentry. $49,988.00
Island Parking Lot Huge lot was in terrible condition with large holes, voids, and no direction. Reduced the size of the lot and resurfaced the remaining lot to make it much safer and much more maintenance friendly. $45,000.00 (Estimate– work done as part of  HWYs bid)
Shelter 10 A/B Roof Age and overall poor condition. Entire roof replaced $6,872.00
Friendship Building Restrooms in poor condition due to uneven floors, poor lighting, cracked sinks, and general overall condition. The entire interior needs renovation. Additional parking is needed. Complete remodel of men's and women's restrooms, including ADA-accepted stalls. New appliances, a drop ceiling, flooring, and countertops were installed. Parking lot extended and paved. $65,529.00
Water Main Water main broke underneath bike path. No water in the main restroom. The immediate repair was required. New water main installed $11,190.00
Pedestrian Bridge Railings along the bridge were in disrepair. Railings replaced $2,723.00
Tennis Courts Courts in poor shape. The surface has cracks and voids. The hardware is unusable. Courts resurfaced and restriped. New hardware, nets, and posts were installed. Courts are now dual use for Pickleball. $61,900.00
Casino Fireplace Fireplace not usable. Doors need to be replaced. New doors installed. Fireplace inserts installed. $4,562.00
Residence Chimney leaking into the house. Also needed to be repointed. Chimney was repaired and repointed. $4,500.00
Friendship Building Boiler Boiler not working. New boiler installed. $2,986.00
Casino Chimney Chimney leaking into the Casino. Also needed to be repointed. Chimney repaired and repointed. $7,950.00
Kayak Launch Seasonal kayak launch installed. $17,146.00
Upgrade Fuel System  In the future, fuel pumps will need to be relocated. Electrical upgrade to fuel system installed at the new location. $9,787.00
Parking Lot and Roadway Improvements Parking lot at the new kayak launch needed to be paved. Parking lot oil/chipped. $27,660.00
Shelters 2, 3, 4, 17 Improvements Roofs at 2, 3, and 4 were in overall poor condition. Concrete pads at 3, and 17 were in overall poor condition. Roofs were completely replaced at shelters 2, 3, & 4. Concrete pads completely replaced at shelters 3 & 17. $24,709.00
Dog Island Dome Roof Renovation Roof in overall poor condition. Complete tear off and rebuild of the roof. $3,692.00
Consulting Fees for Shelter Reconstruction Shelters 6, 7, and 9 are in poor condition. The consultant developed a reconstruction plan for shelters’ WPA-era stonework. $20,297.00
New Shelter Build In need of an additional shelter. Constructed Shelter 13. $74,396.00
Shelter 14 Reconstruction Shelter in disrepair. The shelter was torn down and completely rebuilt. $55,071.00
Paving Parking area at Shelter 13 and some roadways in need of paving. Paved necessary areas. $22,031.00
Casino Roof Boiler room roof in disrepair. Flat roof redone. $8,913.00
Pedestrian Bridge   Design/ Inspection Services $47,987.00
Shelter 9 Poor condition. Demo/Rebuild Shelter and Pergola $92,773.00
Kayak Launch Added a new Kayak Launch $9,877.00
Shelter 9 & 10 Improvements Shelters 9, and 10 concrete pads were in overall poor condition. Replaced the concrete pads at Shelters 9 & 10. $35,000.00
Paving  Paving & Roadway Improvements. $68,000.00
ECP Island WPA Restroom Major renovations to their restrooms. Including partitions, drainage, concrete, windows, doors, roof, floors, etc. $260,000.00
Shelter Demolition Remove unsafe roof/structure. $20,000.00
Casino Renovations Phase 1 Exterior Renovation. $400,000.00
Adult Fitness Multi-generational fitness equipment upgrades. $10,270.00