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Elma Meadows Golf Course/Park Capital Improvements

2012 - 2024 Capital Improvements:

Project Name Type of Work Completed Estimated Cost to Complete
Shelters #1 and #2 Siding, fascia, electric/plumbing repairs, minor block work, and general carpentry throughout. $67,878.00
Clubhouse/Golf Course Electric Upgrades Increasing size of service to Clubhouse and isolating entire feed into Park/GC to meet code and parking lot lights. $95,700.00
Roadway and Parking Lot Improvements Two (2) DI’s replaced, Park perimeter road and access road to Golf Course are priorities. $15,114.00
Drainage and Repair Work Partial drainage repair work at Fairway #10. $30,463.00
Elma Water Withdraw Permit Engineered plans required for permit application. $10,000.00 (estimate)
Irrigation System New irrigation system installed. $1,563,474.00
Domestic Hot Water System Full replacement of system. $4,916.00
New Fencing New fencing installed between golf course and park. $12,900.00
Security System New security system installed. $9,764.00
Various Electrical Improvements Transformer replaced. Various electrical upgrades including Club House & Pumphouse $85,538.00
Club House Chimney Renovation Burner needed to be upgraded. Firebox repaired new mesh installed and chimney repointed. $2,300.00
Club House Carpeting Carpet outdated and worn. New carpeting installed. $4,940.00
Asphalt Paving Parking lot at Shelter 2 is in poor condition. Paved parking area. $4,950.00
Club House HVAC Upgrade Heating and air conditioning system outdated, New split system with more cooling capacity installed. $6,898.00
Drainage/Cart Paths Phase 1 cart path replacement and continued drainage improvements. $138,000.00
Re Epoxy Clubhouse Floors New epoxy floors in the Men's/Women's restrooms in the Clubhouse. $52,396.00
Restroom Renovations Major renovations to main restroom facility shared between the Park and Golf Course. $220,000.00
Parking Lot Improvements and Roadway Paving Main parking lot improvements. $174,776.00
Pumphouse Electrical Upgrade-Transformer Replaced Improve ongoing electrical issue and replace overhead transformer to ground mounted. $60,000.00
Tee-Box Renovations Course tee box renovations, additions and improvements. $453,780.00
Clubhouse Kitchen Renovations Upgrades, new appliances, reconfigure, flooring, etc. $47,770.00
Halfway House and Starter Building Upgrades and improvements to both. $19,000.00
Bunker Removal Removal of nine (9) bunkers as per agreed to plan. $36,000.00
2022 Course Improvements Phase 1 - Drainage, cart paths, and bunker renovations for holes 17 & 18. $146,000.00
Electrical Improvements Electrical upgrades for the Carpenter Shop, Shelters 1 & 2, and restroom $8,499.00