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Sprague Brook Park Capital Improvements

2012 - 2024 Capital Improvements:

Project Name Type of Work Completed Estimated Cost to Complete
Parking Lot & Roadway Improvements Several areas throughout the park is in poor condition and need to be resurfaced. Two (2) DI’s Repaired, Maintenance Lot resurfaced, and roadway near shelter #1 repaired (various patching). $28,577.00
Tennis Court Repairs/Resurfacing All four (4) courts are experiencing major cracks and surface-related issues. Resurfacing, painting, and all new hardware. $78,875.00
Parking Lot & Roadway Improvements- Phase 2 Continue efforts to improve areas within the park that are in poor condition/ shape. Aprons paved around restrooms "A" and B" in the camping area $8,307.00
Chlorinator Upgrade Chlorinator for campgrounds broke down. Water is no longer potable. Chlorinator upgraded $4,198.00
Campsite Upgrade More electric campsites needed. Converted thirty-two (32) non-electric campsites into electric.   $229,548.00
“A” Restroom Roof Roof needed replacement. New roof shingles installed. $5,764.00
Fire Alarm Upgrade Current fire alarm system is outdated and inadequate. A new fire alarm system was installed. $4,500.00  
“A” & “B” Restroom Renovations Restrooms needed complete renovation. New lighting and doors installed. Showers re-tiled. Restrooms painted. $97,921.00
"A" & "B" Camping Restrooms Floors needed replacing. New Tile Floors Installed $21,800.00
Upper Camping Loop Sanitary System New Lift Pumps and Electrical Panel Installed $25,500.00
Roadway Improvements Paving and improvements to roadways. $170,000.00
Restroom Renovations Major renovations to camping, playground and main restroom facilities. $385,457.00
Shelter Roofs/ Improvements #2, #3, lower loop restroom roof replacements. $43,215.00
Restroom Renovations Lakeside restroom renovations - upper loop $166,055.00
Restroom Renovations Woodlands restroom renovations - upper loop $165,195.00
Lift Pump Replacement The lift pump replacement for the sanitary system in the lower "C" camping area $21,500.00