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Do you check the stations on the reservations?

We do not have authority on the reservations.  These gas stations are inspected by 'invitation' only. We have been requested to check some of the stations.  Look for our seals on the pumps to be sure that they are accurate.

I have a one-gallon container, and I purchased one gallon of gasoline, but it did not fill my container all the way.  Why not?

If you are concerned that the pump is not measuring the fuel accurately, Weights and Measures can certainly test it. However, portable gasoline containers are manufactured to hold more than the labeled quantity, to allow for expansion of the gasoline, and for safety reasons.  Also, the containers and the markings on them are not terribly accurate.

What is an octane rating and why is it important?

The fuel's octane number is a measure of gasoline's antiknock performance - its ability to resist knocking (a metallic pinging sound) as it burns in a vehicle's engine.  When you compare gasoline prices among stations, be careful to compare prices for the same octane.  Using high-octane gasoline in an engine that is designed for a lower octane is usually not recommended unless your engine knocks.  Check your vehicle owner's manual to see which octane the manufacturer recommends.  Erie County takes random samples from all stations we inspect and test the fuel to assure that it is the proper octane.

I am opening a business and need to know what if any, weights and measures regulations will affect me?

Most businesses are to some degree affected by weights and measures laws.  This will vary on the type of business.  In general, if you will be using any type of weighing and measuring device (scale, gas pump and meter) you will be directly affected.  If you will be packaging commodities, you will need to know packaging, labeling, and net quantity requirements.  Contact our office and we will help guide you.