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Health Equity

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Office of Health Equity 
95 Franklin Street 
Buffalo, NY 14202 
Phone: 716-858-2152

Vision Statement

The Office of Health Equity’s vision is for all disadvantaged, marginalized, and diverse populations in Erie County, who presently experience higher rates of poor health outcomes, to achieve maximum health and wellness.

Mission Statement

The Office of Health Equity’s mission is to evaluate a wide variety of specific health outcomes among diverse populations to fully understand the depth of health disparities in Erie County and to partner with community members, healthcare providers, faith and philanthropic leaders, and organizations to enact programs that help disadvantaged, marginalized, and diverse populations in Erie County achieve maximum health and wellness. 

What Does Health Equity Mean?

Health Equity exists when all people have a fair and just opportunity to be healthy, especially those who have experienced socioeconomic disadvantage, historical injustice, and other avoidable systemic inequalities that are often associated with social categories of race, gender, ethnicity, social position, sexual orientation, and disability.

Improving Health Disparities 30 minute video - Dr. Burstein, Erie County Commissioner of Health, on IMAGINE Buffalo, a weekly series from the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library.

Key Terms and Definitions

Glossary of Working Definitions and Terms National Association of Counties (NACo)

Health Literacy

The Erie County Health Equity Act of 2021

Local law that established the Office of Health Equity.

Health Equity Reports

Health Equity reports

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